To learn more about HTGsupply! We are one of the largest retailers of indoor gardening equipment in the United States.

We have the best prices and largest selection on hundreds of items that every indoor gardener needs. We have many exclusive items that you simply cannot find elsewhere, so please check us out! BRAND NEW 400 watt HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM (HPS) COMPLETE GROW LIGHT SYSTEM. COMPLETE 400w HPS SYSTEM OVERVIEW. Remote 400 watt HPS Ballast.

SUPERNOVA Glass Lensed Air Coolable Reflector. HTGSUPPLY Brand High Output 55,000 Lumen 400 watt High Pressure Sodium GROW Lamp/Bulb. 10' Universal Socket Cord Set.

Just screw in the light bulb, plug it in and GROW! Measures 20" Long x 16" Wide x 6.5 Deep. Hammertoned Polished Aluminum Reflective Insert provides superior light reflectivity and light dispersal. Innovative Design: Reflective insert is set down from top of reflector to provide air gap between reflector housing and reflective insert. This air gap provides room for air movement through top vent and also acts as a thermal heat barrier.

Glass Lens contains heat and redirects it out of vent ports. This allows growers to place the lamp/bulb within reflector closer to plants without burning them - thus providing greater light intensity which equates into better plant growth. Fits Universal Socket Set that comes with system. OPEN AIR REMOTE BALLAST DESIGN. Innovative and Unique Design keeps heat from the Ballast Core away from sensitive components (ignitor, capacitor) and keeps ballast core cooled for many years of reliable use. 10' Grounded Power Cord PLUGS INTO A STANDARD HOUSEHOLD OUTLET. Oversized RUBBER FEET provide electrical protection and absorb vibration for WHISPER QUIET OPERATION. Retractable Handle with Key Holes for mounting ballast on wall or ceiling. 10' Ballast to Socket Set cord allows you to place ballast outside of grow area to reduce heat. Universal Socket Set fits many different reflectors we have avialable you can upgrade to different reflectors! Please note we show you EVERY ANGLE of this ballast (we take pride in our design) so you KNOW you are getting a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT! HTGSupply 400w HPS HORTICULTURAL GROW BULB. High Output Spectrally Enhanced 400 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Bulb emits 55,000 lumens of plant growing light! This bulb is head and shoulders above standard 400w HPS bulbs.

It emits 10% more light than standard bulbs and also has an increased 30% violet/blue spectrum which encourages photosysnthesis. This is THE perfect bulb for optimum plant growth and flowering! HPS bulbs are known for their excellent lumen to watt ratio, meaning they emit a lot of light for the amount of electricity they use.

With our high output bulb you can equate a 10% increase of light output directly in 10% more plant growth! HPS bulbs are also very high in the RED lighting spectrum which encourages flowering/budding but also causes stem elongation and long internodes (the space between branches).

With our bulban additional 30% more violet/blue spectrum means plant will grow better and more lush due to the more balanced light spectrum. This bulb really packs a punch and has been specifically engineered for plant growth. The HTGSupply grow light is the ONLY grow light in this price range that offers a removable universal socket set! COMES HARDWIRED TO 10' BALLAST REFLECTOR CORD and FITS INTO REFLECTOR. This feature allows you to easily remove your current reflector and UPGRADE to different reflector if you ever desire to do so (please see our many reflector options).

It also allows you to run the 4 socket set through a wall or partition to keep the heat of the ballast out of your growing area (a ballast typically generates about 15% of the heat of a grow light system with the lion's share coming from the light bulb itself). A 10' Heavy Duty Cord connects the cord set to the ballast. Easy to use wing nuts do not require any tools to remove or tighten It fits most of our other reflectors and also fits many other name brand reflectors as well.

THIS 400 watt GROW LIGHT IS THE PERFECT LIGHT FOR A MODEST CLOSET SIZED GARDEN! You will have fast growth and exceptional yields using this light for your garden by using these guidelines for the size of your garden. A common question is how many plants can I grow with this light? The answer is not given in the number of plants but rather the size of your garden area.

As many plants as you wish to fill your garden and what types of plants you wish to grow is up to you. The wattage of your light dictates the size or area of garden you can grow. This 400 watt system is the perfect size light for garden areas measuring anywhere between 3'x3' to 5'x5' square feet.

Square footage is measured by the floor space below the light where you garden is located. These figures represent the amount of light needed for optimum plant growth for plants that have high light needs. Most all plants including vegetable and herbs have high light needs and some exceptions are some types of Orchids and other exotic plants exlcuded. This is another great deal from HTGSupply! We have hundreds of top quality items at the best prices available.

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